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Connecting consumers to a healthy, high-fiber lifestyle


Fiber Choice isn’t your grandparents’ fiber supplement. It’s delicious, convenient and represents a healthy active lifestyle. But driving consumer engagement with a healthcare brand in a crowded digital space is no simple task. Fiber Choice presented us with a blank digital canvas, and our designers and strategists got to roll up their sleeves and play.

Problem & Research

When our client acquired a fledging fiber supplement brand in 2017, we were essentially starting from scratch in terms of building a digital presence. There was a Facebook page with a decent number of followers. However, there had been no activity for close to a year, so follow engagement was nearly nonexistent.

Aside from the Facebook page, there was nothing. The website was outdated, the TV ad was old, and the brand had no other social media accounts or means of interacting with its customers.

Thus, we were tasked with building this brand from the ground up. We started with a packaging facelift, a vibrant new TV ad, and finally hit the ground running with an aggressive social media strategy.


With brand staples in place, we set out to grow an engaged online following. After careful analysis of what competing brands were doing well (and not so well) in the social media space, we devised a strategy that involved equal parts aspirational, lifestyle imagery and useful, educational content.

Regular weekly posts like Move-It Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays (which link to blog posts), and Fiber Fact Fridays provide Fiber Choice followers with inspiration and knowledge to guide them on their health journeys. Monthly recipe videos provide a sense of the FC brand as part of a holistic wellness-centric lifestyle. This engaging content also serves as a memorable and delicious call to action.


Just eight months after opening the account, Fiber Choice had over 3,000 Instagram followers. The brand’s Facebook page, which already had a little over 100,000 likes, had also grown by about 3,000 followers. As a result, web traffic increased by more than 50% in the first 8 months.

Now, a year and change into Fiber Choice’s social media life, the Instagram account has grown to over 13,000 followers. Giveaways, influencer marketing, and sponsored posts, combined with vibrant, relevant content has grown the Fiber Choice brand from a little-known supplement to a social media force!



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