The Home Depot: Virtual Reality

As a creative agency, there is nothing that excites and energizes us more than a boundless new medium; so when The Home Depot asked us to pilot their first virtual reality training demonstration, we went to play (ahem.. work) immediately.

First, we did our research and read up on all of the different VR devices out there: Oculus Rift, Google Daydream View, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, etc.

Next, we had several brainstorm sessions on how to shoot, create, and build this VR experience. We collaborated closely with The Home Depot on how to bring excitement and hands-on learning to what might otherwise be monotonous safety training.

We brought The Home Depot’s culture of safety to life with a unique, completely immersive virtual reality experience that demonstrates real-world safety risks that are otherwise unreplicable. This VR experience incorporates both audio and visual simulations, as well as a physical element that remarkably replicates the sensation of falling from racking. This combination of elements makes for a totally immersive, true-to-life experience, wherein participants can see, hear, feel, and interact with their virtual surroundings.

Bringing safety training to new heights, we were able to communicate the importance and relevance of safety through fun, innovation, and a little bit of fear. Some laughed, some screamed, but most importantly, every participant got the message: what’s fun in a VR world, could be devastating in the real one. The buzz generated by this interactive and effective safety communication tool was palpable. Presented at the 2017 Store Managers' Meeting, UC’s virtual safety demonstration was the bell of the ball as participants lined up to experience the allure of virtual learning.

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